Competition Cheerleading Teams

(Ages 5-18)

Competitive teams will run from September-May

Athletes will be placed on teams depending on age and skill level.

Includes: 3 hours of routine practice per week, 1 hour tumbling class per week, 1 open gym or tumbling class of choice per month, and all local competition registration fees.

*monthly fee does not include “ travel competitions”

Competitive classes will work on the following tentative schedule:
1.5-2 hour routine practice once per week.
1-1.5 hour tumbling class once per week

1 hour open gym or tumbling class of choice once per month
This schedule enables our athletes to attend practices twice per week and maximize their schedules.

Fundraising packets will be distributed in September to help defray the cost of “travel competitions” as well monthly tuition.
Athletes joining competitive teams are asked to remember the commitment required and the expectations of attending the scheduled competitions to the best of their abilities.

Class Descriptions

All classes are taught by coaches that are certified in cheer or gymnastics and CPR/AED as well as first aid certified.  Our coaches are trained using USA gymnastics rules, skills, and education philosophy.

Pre-Level I Tumbling Class

This class instructs athletes on forward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, bridges, bridge kick-overs.

Level  I Tumbling Class

This class reviews and builds on the pre-level I curriculum and also instructs athletes on back walkovers and back handsprings.

Level II Tumbling Class

This class reviews and builds on level I curriculum and also instructs athletes on multiple back handsprings as well as round off back handsprings (single and multiple).

Level III Tumbling Class

This class reviews and builds on level II curriculum and also instructs athletes on tucks.  Tuck skills include standing as well as running round off tucks and round off back handspring tucks.  Connecting Jumps to tumbling is also covered in this class.

Elite Tumbling Class

This class builds on all levels as well instructs on layouts, punch fronts, arabians, and fulls.  Athletes must have a standing and running round off tuck variation to take this class.

Ninja Class

This class caters to our male athletes who seek skills in tumbling.  Instruction focuses on upper body strength, flexibility, and tumbling skills from cartwheels to tucks.

Intermediate Stunt Class

This class instructs athletes on the fundamentals of stunting: working halfs, extensions, toss ups and down. Intermediate stunt works on two footed stunts at the half and extended level.

Advanced Stunt Class

This class instructs athletes on single leg stunts including liberties, stretches, arabesques, Scales, etc. Advances stunt classes also work on twisting transitions and inversions to and from the half level.

Elite Stunt Class

This class instructs athletes on single level stunts with full up spins to the top as well as double up and single base stunts.  Elite stunt also works on inversions and transitions from the extended level.

Tiny Tumblers

(ages 3-5)

This is an intro to floor gymnastics.  Athletes will work on building coordination and motor skills through the fundamentals of floor gymnastics including balance beam and dance incorporation.  Athletes who qualify may compete in USA gymnastics events.

Floor Exercise Gymnastics

(ages 6-10)

Athletes learn a floor exercise routine, combining dance and acrobatic elements.  Athletes who qualify may compete in USA gymnastics events.

Open Gym

Open gym serves as a class to work all levels of tumbling.  Athletes work to perfect skills they are currently working on.  Open Gym classes also serve as a makeup for missed classes. 

Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

North Fork Cheer

Panthers Cheerleading

Youth Recreational Team

(Ages 5-11)

Panthers cheerleading will run from July-November

Includes: One practice per week beginning in July, weekly games, and 3 competitions.

Games are typically held on Sundays at Cochran Field September-November
Competitions will take place once per month: September, October, November

The Panthers Program is a youth program supporting the Peconic Panthers.